An Inversion of Control Container in Dojo Javascript Framework

June 21, 2012

A year since my last article was published! I just opened my account for this year's articles yesterday. My article An Inversion of Control Container in Dojo Javascript framework got published in DZone.

Inversion of Control (IoC) / Dependency Injection (DI) has become a very popular design and archit…

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High Performance and Smarter Logging

June 30, 2011
A long gap since I lasted posted something. Today my article High Performance and Smarter Logging has got published in DZone.

Logging, often a back-burner activity in the development cycle can actually be the very lifeline of the development team once the application is in production. Assuming that r…

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The Dilemma of The Framework Creator

March 1, 2011
Developing or contributing to a framework used by a majority of the software community is one of the prime sources of career satisfaction for a whole lot of software developers, designers and architects. A great framework can be an object of beauty to them, just as a fine cathedral is for its archit…

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Application testing and maintenance with custom home-grown GUIs

September 20, 2010

The missing integration style - space based integration

September 20, 2010

Just FYI

August 14, 2010
This is to inform possible readers of my blog that my article "Do we really need Servlet Containers always?" was published in Also got linked my post "How JBoss Netty helped me build a highly scalable HTTP Communication Server over…

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Do we really need Servlet Containers always - concluding part

July 17, 2010
Building an HTTP server engine using JBoss Netty and using Apache Web Server for load-balancing with sticky-sessions

JBoss Netty has been my first choice for building a scalable HTTP server engine sans Servlet API and Containers, ever since I first discovered it around 1.5 years back. Its USP is its…

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Do we really need Servlet Containers always? Part 4

July 11, 2010
Other Features

Session Management, Replication and load-balancing with sticky sessions

The HttpSession provided by Servlet specification is, for most cases, an ideal context for storing user state and data in memory. However, this context can only be obtained from the reference of the request object.


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Do we really need Servlet Containers always? Part 3

July 11, 2010

Request-Response Lifecycle and Multi-threading

Whenever a Servlet’s service()/doGet()/doPost() method is invoked, the container provides it an HTTP request and response object. What happens, when the Servlet method returns? As per the Servlet specification up to 2.5, the request and response objects …

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Do we really need Servlet Containers always? Part 2

July 10, 2010
Communications and Multithreading Support

Application servers/Servlet containers do all the hard work of opening up server sockets to accept client connections and decoding and encoding HTTP requests and responses. But the internal multi-threading and communication strategy used and thereby the perfo…

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