Design Principles and Gang of Four Design Patterns

Basic and Advanced courses covering Object Oriented Basics & Principles, Creational, Structural and Behavioural Patterns.

Java(EE) Architecture, Design & Code for performance

Course Covering:

  • Performance, Scalability and Availability - Concepts
  • Web Server to Application Server load balancing
  • Servlet Container Clustering
  • EJB, Messaging Clustering
  • Container Singleton Services and Application Caches

Java(EE) Clustering

Course covering:

  • Performance Lingo - Response Time, Throughput, Load, Scalability, Capacity etc
  • Performance Engineering Laws and Formulae
  • Architecting for performance, scalability and availability
  • Presentation and Business Tier Performance Best Practices
  • Code Level Performance Best Practices


Mobile Primer

Course Covering:

  • The Mobile Media
  • The Mobile Ecosystem
  • Types of Mobile Applications
  • Designing UI and Content
  • Communication over wireless
  • Offline storage
  • Application Upgrade
  • Mobile Security
  • Mobile Application testability
  • Other considerations